Store Team Colleague

Life at Leyland SDM




  • Dan

    Sales Advisor, Putney

    ​I enjoy working at Leyland SDM because everyday is different. I have learnt lots of great new skills as well as product knowledge since joining. The business is looking forward and this gives me confidence that I have joined a great team and company. As a company the culture is very inclusive and everyone is given a chance to shine if they really want to. You are rewarded and praised for your efforts. My highlight so far is being part of the top store in raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. I personally came in the top five colleagues that raised money in the business and I am very proud of that. 

  • Renata

    Warehouse Supervisor

    ​We are a great, diverse team. We support, help, and share our knowledge to achieve our goals. ​I enjoy my role because it is not monotonous. I multitask and keep in contact with different departments across the entire business. Everything we do in the warehouse is about working together and I really enjoy working with so many helpful and supportive colleagues. My highlight since joining the business has to be being promoted to Warehouse Supervisor.

  • Sarah

    Deputy Store Manager, Streatham

    ​Each day at Leyland SDM is different; you do not know what to expect, in a good way I can ensure you! There is a sense of a family unit in the team that you work in, I have worked in the retail sector for a long time and have never experienced anything like this before, it must be unique to this business! When I joined over 6 years ago, I knew nothing about DIY. The training that I have received over the years has enabled me to share knowledge with customers and colleagues. I completed the fast-track managers programme and I took so much knowledge about leadership from it. I enjoy working in a company that celebrates diversity, champions equality, and respects everyone.​  

  • Ismail

    Store Manager, Fulham

    ​Culturally Leyland SDM is open and everyone matters. It is an environment where everyone can grow. I have learnt a lot about myself and more about the value of teamwork since being part of the Leyland SDM family. I enjoy my current role as it challenges me in terms of thinking on my feet and there are different challenges to overcome everyday. I successfully completed the fast track managers programme and my promotion to a Store Manager is my highlight so far, but there have been so many!

  • Yousef

    Assistant Warehouse Manager

    ​Leyland SDM's visions and values brings the best out of everyone, by supporting , motivating, teaching and learning from each other. The company has provided the necessary tools and support to develop my career. In my current role we have a great team and support from all departments. I know no matter what challenges occur we will always be one step ahead. Being involved in setting up the new web store in Wembley has been a highlight for me.

  • Alessia

    Store Supervisor, Goodge Street

    ​At Leyland SDM, everyday I feel more and more passionate about my job, taking on challenges, gaining knowledge and having lots of fun. What I enjoy most is working with my team. Every single person who is part of it has given me support since my first day. As a Store Supervisor I enjoy always being "in the action" and have different challenges every day. In my store we always rely on the company vision and values, making sure that every single customer that walks in the store is welcomed with a big smile and a great attitude. I’ve had many special moments since joining, but being promoted to a Store Supervisor has given me great confidence that I can grow in the company. ​​

  • Shuaib

    Category Manager, Support Centre

    ​Leyland SDM has given me the opportunity to learn new skills and gain new experiences with different roles within the commercial team. The varied nature of my current role excites me everyday as I can contribute fresh ideas across numerous departments. It is a fast-paced and dynamic environment which requires everyone to be hands-on and is very motivating. The highlight of my career at Leyland SDM so far has been my quick progression from a graduate role into a management position.