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At Leyland, we recognise that the collective strength of our team lies in the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that each colleague brings to the table. Embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive workplace are not just values we uphold but integral aspects of our business culture.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in several key initiatives:

  1. Inclusive Recruitment Practices: We believe in creating a workforce that mirrors the diversity of the communities we serve. Our recruitment practices prioritise equal opportunities, ensuring that individuals from all backgrounds are considered and welcomed to join the Leyland family.

  2. Diverse Leadership Representation: We understand the importance of diverse voices at decision-making tables. We are dedicated to fostering a leadership team that reflects a range of perspectives, experiences, and expertise, promoting innovation and better decision-making.

  3. Training and Awareness Programs: Our ongoing training initiatives focus on promoting awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion issues. This includes programs that address unconscious bias, cultural competency, and respectful communication, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

  1. Colleague Listening Groups: We encourage the formation of colleague listening groups, providing a platform for colleagues with shared interests or backgrounds to connect, support one another, and contribute to the company's inclusivity initiatives.

  2. Equal Opportunities for Growth: Our commitment to diversity extends beyond recruitment. Leyland provides equal opportunities for professional growth and advancement, ensuring that each colleague has the chance to reach their full potential within the business.

  3. Celebrating Differences: We celebrate the richness of our diverse workforce through various initiatives, including cultural events, awareness campaigns, and acknowledging important milestones that reflect the diversity within our team.

By embracing diversity and inclusion, Leyland aims to create a workplace where everyone feels empowered to be their authentic selves. We understand that it is through the inclusion of different perspectives and backgrounds that we can truly innovate, adapt, and thrive as a company. Together, we strive to build a culture that not only values diversity but actively leverages it as a source of strength and inspiration in all aspects of our work.

London Pride

By supporting London Pride, Leyland celebrates the beautiful tapestry of human diversity and emphasises the importance of creating spaces where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Our involvement in these celebrations is a testament to our dedication to building a workplace and community that cherishes individuality and stands against discrimination in all its forms.

As we proudly stand with the LGBTQ+ community during London Pride, we look forward to creating an environment where acceptance, understanding, and celebration of diversity become ingrained in our collective consciousness, making Leyland a place where everyone feels proud to belong.

Female Forum

We proudly embrace diversity and inclusivity through the launch of the Female Forum—an initiative dedicated to supporting and uplifting women within our business. This vibrant platform cultivates a community that nurtures support and professional growth for our female colleagues, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to gender equality and the unique perspectives women bring to our workplace. Leyland's Female Forum is devoted to empowering women with opportunities for professional growth, including workshops and networking events. Encouraging open dialogue, celebrating achievements, and extending its impact beyond the workplace through community engagement, the forum actively contributes to our commitment to creating a welcoming and valued environment for everyone.

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