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Delivering a sustainable way forward

At Leyland, our primary focus is on developing a resilient and sustainable business model that benefits both our colleagues and customers over the long term. Throughout the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we demonstrated our resilience by prioritising the well-being of our people and customers, which are fundamental pillars of our business.

In the current landscape, it is crucial for us to showcase our forward-thinking approach as we prepare to contribute to addressing the next significant global challenge: combating climate change. With ambitious emissions targets set globally, including the UK Government's commitment to achieving net zero by 2050, we recognise the importance of everyone playing a role.

Environmental considerations have been a priority for us for several years, with significant strides already taken, such as the implementation of LED lighting across our entire infrastructure. Despite these achievements, we acknowledge that there is more work to be done.

As a growing business, we understand our responsibility extends not only to the environment and local communities but also to the broader Leyland family, encompassing manufacturers, suppliers, and hauliers. Recognising that the sustainability journey is an ongoing process, we are committed to continued investment in the future, safeguarding our people, the environment, and the planet in the post-COVID era.

Our commitment extends to fostering collaboration with any individual or organisation interested in Leyland, as we work together to create a sustainable future.


Our customers and over 450 colleagues stand as the invaluable assets of Leyland. Our unwavering commitment revolves around fostering a culture where each team member can flourish, grow, and enhance their skills, both within and beyond our organisation. Our support is steadfast for a team wholly dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers.

As evident throughout the pandemic, our top priority is consistently providing a secure and healthy environment for all colleagues to perform their duties and for customers to engage in transactions.

All colleagues, whether new or existing, undergo mandatory health and safety training, and we are in the process of developing a new Wellness Strategy. Our ongoing efforts are directed towards building a diverse and inclusive workforce, addressing the gender pay gap, generating employment opportunities for women and ethnic minorities, and fostering a welcoming, engaging, and inclusive atmosphere.

This year, we are actively identifying training and development opportunities that will be implemented across every level of our business, ensuring continuous growth and learning for our team.


As a part of our commitment to sustainability, we acknowledge the growing significance of providing renewable and sustainable products. The demand for product ranges designed to offer sustainable building solutions is on the rise. Consequently, we are initiating an engagement program with key suppliers to identify existing sustainable products within our offerings and explore new opportunities for enhancement.

To promote these sustainable products, we will develop specific marketing materials aimed at engaging both our customers and colleagues.

Furthermore, Leyland adheres to the Grafton Group's Timber Sourcing Policy, demonstrating our dedication to sourcing sustainable timber products that meet international certification standards. Our compliance with this policy ensures that we do not procure products from suppliers operating in countries subject to trade sanctions. Additionally, we abstain from dealing with suppliers or sources listed in connection with a trade sanctions program. Grafton mandates that all suppliers comply with its anti-slavery policy.

Aligned with our responsible business objectives, we are actively working to integrate these principles into our sourcing and supplier activities.

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