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Charity and Donations

We believe in giving back to the communities that support us. Our commitment to social responsibility is reflected in our active engagement in local volunteering initiatives. We recognise the importance of being a positive force in the neighbourhoods we serve.

Our colleagues enthusiastically participate in various community projects, collaborating with local organisations to address needs and make a meaningful impact. Whether it's beautifying public spaces, supporting charitable events, or contributing to local causes, Leyland is dedicated to making a positive difference.

By volunteering our time and resources, we strive to strengthen the bond between our company and the communities we call home. Leyland is not just a business; we are neighbours working together to create vibrant and thriving local environments.

Charitable Matching Scheme

Each colleague is now entitled to one paid day off each year to help out in the local community, and we have also introduced the Leyland Charitable Matching Scheme of up to £150, for each employee fundraising for a charitable organisation. 

Leyland Amplifies Social Impact with the onHand Volunteering App

Dedicated to community engagement and social responsibility, we proudly utilise the onHand volunteering app to streamline and amplify our philanthropic efforts. This innovative platform connects our team with diverse volunteer opportunities, making it easier for us to contribute to local causes and initiatives.

The onHand app provides a user-friendly interface that empowers our employees to discover, sign up for, and participate in various volunteer activities. From supporting local events to engaging in community projects, Leyland is leveraging technology to maximise our positive impact.

Through the onHand app, we continue to strengthen our ties with local communities, embodying our commitment to making a difference beyond our business operations. We remain dedicated to creating a positive impact and fostering meaningful connections through the power of volunteering.

You can choose good deeds that fit your schedule and your interests. 

🏠There are tons of remote missions for days when you don’t feel like leaving the house

⏰Plenty of volunteering options are designed to take less than an hour, so your schedule won’t stop you being a hero

📅One-off missions mean you won’t ever feel like you must commit to anything long-term, so it’s no strings attached

Plus, onHand tracks all your efforts so you can watch your positive impacts add up. They’ll even plant trees to say thank you for making the world a better place 🌲🥳

Causes we have supported

The Childhood Trust

The Big School Makeover

All Saints CofE Primary, Fulham

Queen Elizabeth Foundation for Disabled People

Wandsworth Age UK

Project Giving

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