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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Leyland is a subsidiary of Grafton Group plc and is a specialist decorators’ merchants selling paint, tools, ironmongery and accessories in Central London. The company’s headcount on 5 April 2019 was 263 employees, requiring the company to report on its gender pay gap for the first year since the regulations came into force in 2017. This gender pay gap report is based on all elements of pay outlined in the regulations.

The “Gender Pay Gap” is an average figure and is distinct from “Equal Pay” which looks at the individual level and is about ensuring that men and women are paid the same for carrying out the same work, or work of equal value. The evaluation of our gender pay data indicates that the difference in average pay is due to proportionately more men being in senior, higher paid roles.

Our approach to employee reward is gender neutral by design, and we operate pay banding for over 80% of Leyland colleagues which ensures equal pay regardless of gender.

We constantly review ways in which we can address the issues of Gender Pay and have successfully recruited and promoted women to management roles this year, with a tangible career path towards Senior Manager level roles. We have also committed to increasing our part time working options with the aim of attracting more women to Leyland and therefore increasing career opportunities.

Our gender pay data is influenced by the fact that we have a higher number of men in management positions. The impact of this can be seen mainly in relation to the mean bonus (as higher bonuses are paid in financial terms to managers who are predominantly male) and the mean hourly rate (as managers are paid higher hourly rates).

Below, we've added our Gender Pay Gap Reports for the last four years, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Gender Pay Gap